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Spanish Course INDEX Part 2

Lesson 13                                                Free Download!
Third conjugation of the irregular verbs

1- Irregular verbs of the 3rd conjugation
2- Idiomatic expressions

Exercise #13

Exercise 13-1. Select the irregular verbs
Exercise 13-2. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 13-3. Makes lists of:

Lesson 14
The imperfect tense and preterit

1- The imperfect tense, indicative mood
2- Uses of the imperfect tense
3- The past definite or preterit
4- Uses of the preterit
5- The past indefinite
6- Idiomatic expressions


Exercise #14

Exercise 14-1. Select the imperfect tense
of indicative mood
Exercise 14-2. Translate into English
Exercise 14-3. Select the verbs in the preterit
in the following sentences
Exercise 14-4. Conjugate the preterit tense of:
Exercise 14-5. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 14-6. Conjugate the imperfect of the
following verbs


Lesson 15
The preterit

1- Irregularities of the preterit. Grammar
2- Idioms with tener


Exercise #15

Exercise 15-1. Select the verbs in the preterit tense
Exercise 15-2. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 15-3. Conjugate the present indicative
and the preterit of the following verbs; also the
imperfect indicative of ser and ir
Exercise 15-4. a. Use ser, to be

Lesson 16

1- The adverb. Different forms
2- Place of the adverb
3- Formation of adverbs
4- Adverbial phrases
5- Intensification. Idiomatic expressions


Exercise #16

Exercise 16-1. Select the adverbs in the
following sentences
Exercise 16-2. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 16-3. Use the correct adverb to complete
each sentence
Exercise 16-4. Put the correct adverbial phrase
in the following sentences


Lesson 17
Diminutive and augmentative

1- Diminutive and augmentative nouns
2- Formation of diminutives and augmentatives


Exercise #17

Exercise 17-1. Select the diminutive and augmentative
Exercise 17-2. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 17-3. Underline the suffixes

Lesson 18
More about adjectives

1- Degrees of the adjectives. Grammar
2- Superlative absolute
3- Government of adjectives

Exercise #18

Exercise 18-1. Underline the adjectives
that appear in the following sentences
Exercise 18-2. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 19
Conjunctions and interjections

1- Conjunctions
2- Interjections


Exercise #19

Exercise 19-1. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 19-2. Write the appropriate conjunction
in the following sentences
Exercise 19-3. Select the conjunctions
in the following text


Lesson 20
Auxiliary verbs

1- Verbs haber and tener, to have
2- Haber, tener and deber


Exercise #20

Exercise 20-1. Select the auxiliary verbs
in the following sentences
Exercise 20-2. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 21
The present participle

1- Participles. Gerund
2- Verbs ending in -er and –ir
3- Progressive forms of verbs
4- Other object pronouns with the gerund
5- Uses of the gerund


Exercise #21

Exercise 21-1. Select the gerund in the
following sentences
Exercise 21-2. From the list of verbs, choose the one
that fits, and write the gerund to complete
the meaning of each of the following sentences
Exercise 21-3. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 22
The past participle

1- The past participle
2- Uses of the past participle
3- Verbs having two past participles. Grammar


Exercise #22

Exercise 22-1. Select the past participle
of the following sentences
Exercise 22-2. Choose the past participle from the
list and complete each of the following sentences
Exercise 22-3. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 23
Perfect tenses

1- Perfect tenses. Present perfect tense
2- Preterit perfect
3- Past perfect or pluperfect


Exercise #23

Exercise 23-1. Select the preterit perfect
and pluperfect in the following sentences
Exercise 23-2- Form the present perfect tense
of the following verbs

Exercise 23-3- Translate into Spanish


Lesson 24
The future

1- The future tense
2- The future perfect


Exercise #24

Exercise 24-1. Select the verbs in the future tense
Exercise 24-2. Conjugate the future tense
and future perfect of:
Exercise 24-3. Use the future perfect
in the following sentences
Exercise 24-4. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 25
Auxiliary verbs

1- Verbs ser and estar, to be
2- Meaning of ser and estar


Exercise #25

Exercise 25-1. Translate into English
Exercise 25-2. Insert the correct form
of the verb ser or estar in the following sentences
Exercise 25-3. Translate into Spanish


Lesson 26
The conditional mood

1- The conditional mood
2- Uses the conditional mood
3- The conditional perfect
4- Potential mood


Exercise #26

Exercise 26-1. Select the verbs in conditional mood
and conditional perfect
Exercise 26-2. Conjugate the conditional
and the conditional perfect of:
Exercise 26-3. Translate into Spanish

Lesson 27
Impersonal verbs and periphrastic verbs

1- Impersonal verbs
1.1- Haber impersonal
1.2- Hacer and haber used impersonally
1.3- Impersonal verbs. Grammar
2- Periphrastic verbs
2.1- Periphrastic conjugation. Progressive form
2.2- Periphrastic verbs. Grammar

Exercise #27

Exercise 27-1. Underline the impersonal verbs
that appear in the following sentences
Exercise 27-2. Translate into Spanish
Exercise 27-3. Find and copy the periphrastic
verbs that appear in the following sentences
Exercise 27-4. Translate into Spanish

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